Interviews for The Nation

“The Problem With Making War “Humane” Interview with Samuel Moyn, The Nation, September 16, 2021

“Can “Lottocracy” Save Democracy From Itself?” Interview with Hélène Landemore, The Nation, September 1, 2021.

“The Long History of American Cruelty,” Interview with Adam Serwer, The Nation, August 12, 2021

“Gaslighting on a Global Scale,” Interview with Bonnie Honig, The Nation, June 21, 2021

“The History of Freedom is a History of Whiteness,” Interview with Tyler Stovall, The Nation, March 17, 2021

“Charles Mills Thinks Liberalism Still Has a Chance,” Interview with Charles Mills, The Nation, January 28, 2021

“The Liberal Establishment Is ‘a Stranger to Self-Examination’” Interview with Pankaj Mishra, The Nation, November 23, 2020

“What We Call Freedom Has Never Been About Being Free,” Interview with Annelien de Dijn, The Nation, October 29, 2020

“An American Progressive Alternative,” Interview with Roberto Unger, The Nation, July 21, 2020

Confronting Our Long History of Massive Inequality,” Interview with Thomas Piketty, The Nation, March 26, 2020

“The Cosmopolitan Tradition: A Noble but Flawed Ideal”: Interview with Martha Nussbaum for The Nation, January 22, 2020

“Has Capitalism Become Our Religion?”: Interview with Eugene McCarraher for The Nation, October 4, 2019


Other Interviews


Interviewed by Katarzyna Nowicka for the CEU Democracy Institute on “The Future of Liberalism,”  January, 28, 2021

“Why We Left the Right” Dissent Magazine, Spring Issue, 2020

“Safe Enough Spaces: A Pragmatist’s Approach to Inclusion, Free Speech, and Political Correctness on College Campuses”: Interview with Michael Roth for The Los Angeles Review of Books, February, 6, 2020

Religion and Populism: University of Toronto

“From BCSR Postdoc to Projects on Neoconservatism, Neoliberalism, and Christian Human Rights”: 5 Questions with Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins”

(Conducted by Timothy Nunan) “The Other Intellectuals: A Conversation with Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins about Raymond Aron and International Order” Toynbee Prize Foundation Global History Forum, December 10, 2016.