Fall 2021—Present

Assistant Professor, College of Social Studies (CSS), Wesleyan University

Visions of World Order

History and the Turn to the Present (2x)

Modern Europe History Tutorial (3x)

Social Theory Colloquium


Winter 2020—Spring 2021

Postdoctoral Fellow, Dartmouth College

Cold War Liberalism

Europe in the Age of Violence

Modern European Intellectual and Cultural History

The Cold War and American Life

Archival Research and the Production of History


Fall 2018—December 2019

Lecturer, Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs

History of the Present (Graduate Course) 2x

Religion and Global Politics Since 1989 (Graduate Course)

History and Theories of Global Development (Graduate Course)

Fall 2017—Summer 2018
Lecturer, Yale University, Religion Department

Politics and Religion since 9/11

History and Politics (Directed Studies Program)

Fall 2016—Summer 2017
Post-Doctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley Center for Religious Studies


Fall 2015
Instructor, American University of Paris

World History up to 1500

Spring 2014­—Spring 2016
Instructor, Sciences Po (Paris, France)

History of US Conservatism since World War II (5x) Syllabus

Raymond Aron and the United States Syllabus

Secularism and its New Critics (3x) Syllabus 

Fall 2013
Teaching Assistant, Sciences Po (Reims, France)

Fall 2011—Spring 2013
Teaching Assistant, Department of History, Columbia University

Spring 2011
Teaching Assistant, Sciences Po (Le Havre, France)

Spring 2009
Instructor, Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut (Tübingen, Germany)